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Certificate of Honour to Prof. Pratik Satav(Educational Advisor)


Certificate of Honour by to Prof. Pratik Satav(Educational Advisor) at Parvatibai Genba Moze College of Engineering

On 1st Nov 2018, VM3 Tech Solution LLP ( conducted an event at GenbaSopanraoMoze Trust's ParvatibaiGenbaMoze College of Engineering to felicitated Certificate of honour to our Educational Advisor Mr. Pratik Satav (work as a Lecturer in Mechanical Department at Genba College of Engineering).

The event hosted by Suyash Joshi, Student of P. G. Moze College of Engineering. He welcomed:

  • Director of VM3 Tech Solution LLP Mrs. VasantiMulajkar,
  • HOD - Mr. VirbhadrappaSulepeph
  • Professor - Mr. Pratik Satav.

He commenced the event with introduction and felicitation.


Mrs.  VasantiMulajkar felicitated “Certificate of honour ” and memento to Mr. Pratik Satav from


Mrs. VasantiMulajkar shared the purpose behind launching the as an educational website and appreciated the contribution of Mr.Pratik Satav as an Educational advisor in the successful development of Learning Telescope.

Mr. Pratik Satav also shared his experience with learning telescope. He explained throughout his journey with and how great this product comes up and it’s brighter future. He explained the loopholes in the educational system and how should overcome those loopholes.

The event was successfully executed in the presence of

  • Director of GenbaSopanraoMoze trust -  Dr. S. B. Singh
  • HOD of Mechanical Department  - Mr. VirbhadrappaSulepeph
  • Entire teaching and non-teaching faculty members of GenbaMoze College of Engineering of Mechanical Department.

Director, Mrs. VasantiMulajkar and Team Learning Telescope thanked all the members in the event for their valuable presence and support.

Celebrating the first anniversary of VM3 Tech Solutions LLP and Success of


Celebrating the first anniversary of VM3 Tech Solutions LLP and Success of!

We started VM3 about a year back (17-Aug-2017) to keep the vision in mind to serve Education Field. Education segment remains my passion for a long time.  Education segment remains my passion for a long time.





In a short span of time, we have our educational product: in the market. The vision of Learning Telescope is to provide a unique platform for students, institutes, financial institutes, and industries to interact with each other in the most efficient way.

Achievement of 1 year:

We launched an alpha release in Feb-2018 and started cold marketing with Engineering and MBA colleges. In a short span of time, we have about 70+ colleges registered as partners.  If we look back on our journey of the last 1 year, there are few remarkable achievements of like

1.    Information displayed on the portal for 3000+ institutes and 10000+ courses (as of now our focus is  on Maharashtra state)

2.    We have 70+ Educational Institutes registered with us as a partner

3.    Our partners availed the facility of publishing their research and achievement related news using learning telescope as a platform.  About 75 news are published through Learning Telescope portal

4.    About 10 students utilized our platform for internship and to bridge the gap between campus and corporate life

5.    We have conducted career counseling sessions for students of our registered partners and also supported our partners in admission campaigning

6.    Credible education advisors help us in shaping expectations of educational institutes and identifying gaps in our ecosystem

Strategy for next 1 year:

1.    Focus on retaining partners and exploring growth opportunities through student campaigning

2.    Value addition to students through Mock Test, Test Papers and customized analysis for their performance evaluation and recommendations

3.    Financial Partner on-boarding and working on their expectations

4.    Educating students on finance options

5.    Collaborating with industries for sponsoring internships

6.    Publishing success stories from Industries, which can inspire students


Goal by End of the Year 2019 (December 2019):

1.    200+ partner registration

2.    5 credible finance partners

3.    20,000 registered student users

4.    100000+ visitors

5.    AI-based analytics for students

6.    Chatbot based career counseling

Core values of VM3 Tech Solutions LLP /Learning Telescope:

1.    Customer first approach

2.    Innovative thinking

3.    Creating value for investors

4.    Sustainable growth for employees

We want to grow enough so that all our stakeholders can get sustainable high growth and we want to be small enough such that every individual’s contribution can make the significant positive impact on overall strategy and potential growth.

We are thankful to all registered partners for their belief in our vision, to all our passionate and dedicated employees, to advisors for their valuable feedback and to all students and visitors of !!



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