TJSB Bank Private


The co-applicant (usually parent or guardian) could be salaried, entrepreneurs or self-employed no older than age 60. This is important to gauge the repayment ability.

  1. Duplicate copy of mark sheets of the prospective student
  2. Income Papers of Parent/Guardian, Guarantor and if applicable of student.
  3. Photocopy of residential proof of applicants & guarantor – National ID
  4. Original Quote & Invoice
  5. Bank Account Statement of the past year
  1. Collateral is needed for loan more than INR. 1 lakh.
  2. The applicant can request for a loan up to INR 30 lakhs.                  
  3. 30 lakhs is the maximum sum you can get as a loan from TJSB.

SBI Education Loan interest is 11.60 per annum.

The loan must be repaid in seven years, without counting the interest free window period (18 months) allowed between course completion and finding a job.


A third party guarantor or collateral of property or both if the loan sum is more than INR. 7 lakhs is usually required as security. The earning of parent/ guardian will also considered to estimate repayment capacity.

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