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  1. Marks sheets/Convocation certificate of the last qualifying exam.
  2. Proof of admission to the course along with details of expenses involved.
  3. Bank account statements of all the borrowers and guarantors.
  4. Passport size photographs, ID and residence proof. PAN details.
  5. Statement of assets and liabilities of the borrower (s). IT returns statement, Income tax assessment.
  6. If the course is being undertaken at a foreign university/institution, foreign exchange permit, scholarship details etc.

Loan amount of up to Rs.10 lacs for inland studies

  • Up to 7.50 Lacs                             
  1. Male Students-Base Rate + 3%    
  2. Female Students-Base Rate + 2.50%                                       
  •  Above 7.50 Lacs(Priority Sector)
  1. Male Students-Base Rate + 3.50%
  2. Female StudentsBase Rate + 3%
  • Above 7.50 Lacs(Non Priority Sector)
  1. Male Students-Base Rate + 4%
  2. Female StudentsBase Rate + 3.50%


A flexible repayment tenure ranging from 5 years with an upper limit of 7 years is provided by the bank in the form of monthly EMIs. The repayment holiday comes to an end upon completion of 1 year after the course/6 months after getting a job, whichever is earlier.

No margin is applicable for loan amount of up to Rs. 4 lacs. For any amount above this cut off, the margin is 5% for domestic study and 15% for studies in foreign countries.

Loan amount up to Rs.4 Lacs

No security required.

Parents will sign in as co applicants

Amount from Rs.4 lacs to Rs.7.50 lacs

Parent(s) will sign as co applicant(s)

Collateral security by means of third party guarantee

Borrowing over 7.50 lacs

Parents will join as co applicants

Tangible collateral security of relevant value

Assignment of student’s future income from employment as loan security

Students who secured admission on management quota are also eligible for an education loan from Karur Vysya bank on the basis of state/central government norms.

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