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  1. All applicants must be Indian nationals and aged between 16 to 35 years.
  2. Co-applicants are mandatory for full-time courses in India and abroad. The co-applicant should be a member of the immediate family.
  • Academic:
  1. Admission Letter with Fee break-up
  2. SSLC, HSC Graduation Mark sheets
  • Income Documents:
  1. Last 2 pay slips with date of joining
  2. 6 months' bank statements
  • Self-employed:
  1. Last 2 years' ITR
  2. Last 2 years' Audited Balance Sheet
  3. 6 months' bank statements
  4. Proof of Turnover
  • Self-employed Professional:
  1. Last 2 years' ITR
  2. Last 2 years' Audited Balance Sheet & P/L
  3. 6 months' bank statements
  4. Proof of Qualification
  • Other Documents:
  1. Age Proof
  2. Signature Proof
  3. Identity Proof
  4. Residence Proof
  5. Duly Filled-in Application Form
  6. Photograph
  1. Management
  2. Engineering (graduation only)
  3. Medicine
  4. Architecture
  5. Hotel and Hospitality
  6. Agriculture
  7. Pure Science
  8. MCA / MCM

Rs. 10 lakhs for studies in India

Borrowers availing loans up to Rs 7.5 lakhs can extend their repayment tenures up to 10 years and for loan amounts above Rs 7.5 lakhs the tenure can be chosen up to 15 years, after the moratorium period.

Customers need to pay up to 1% of the loan amount as processing fees.

Applicants are not required to bring in any margin amount for loans up to Rs 4 lakhs but for loans above Rs 4 lakh, a margin of 5% is required.

No collateral is required to be submitted as security for loans up to Rs. 7.5 lakhs. Any loan amount exceeding that would require a collateral security in the form of residential properties, HDFC Bank Fixed Deposit, LIC, NSC or a KVP policy.

Additional benefit of life insurance coverage for a student under the Insurance Protection -      Credit Protect scheme from HDFC LIFE.

Central Government Interest Subsidy Scheme for HDFC Bank Education Loans:-
The interest subsidy scheme for education loans has been introduced by the HRD Ministry to financially support students applying for admissions from economically weaker sections with a gross income of up to Rs 4.5 lakhs.

Students can apply for the subsidy benefit with the following documents:-

Original income certificate, Interest Subsidy Agreement and an original Bonifide student letter from the institution. Additional charges like stamp duty and franking charges have to be borne by the applicant. The interest rate subsidy scheme is applicable only for admissions to approved technical and professional courses from recognized institutes after the completion of Class 12. A full interest subsidy benefit is available for the moratorium period.

Along with the tuition fees, a HDFC education loan also covers examination fees, lab fees, caution deposit, building fund, books and equipment fees and other travel expenses.

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