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  1. You should be a citizen of India.
  2. You should have been selected for a technical or professional course in a recognized college/institution/university in India or abroad.
  1. Proof of Identity
  2. Admission letter of college, institute or university (in India or abroad)
  3. Brochure detailing the course fee charged by the institute
  4. Application form

1) Graduation, Post-Graduation, Masters, Professional and PHD courses, along with vocational training and education programmes (in India).

2) Job oriented technical or professional graduation courses and post-graduation courses like MS, MBA, MCA etc. that are offered by recognized universities abroad.

3) Courses that are conducted by CPA-USA, CIMA-London etc.

Rs.10 lakhs for studying in India

1) Loan amounts of Rs 4 lakhs or below

2) 11.80% p.a. (to be repaid within 3 years)

3) Loan amounts above Rs 4 lakhs 11.80% p.a. (to be repaid within 3 years)                          

4) During the moratorium period only simple interest is charged on the loan amount. The students get a concession of 1% on the interest rate when the payments for the interest charged are made on time, during the repayment holiday period.

5)For the following institutes, the actual rate applicable is the base rate. The base rate changes from time to time, depending on RBI’s guidelines. Currently the base rate is 10.25% and so the interest rate for these institutions is also 10.25%

For loan amounts of up to Rs 7.50 lakhs

Maximum 10 years

For loan amounts above Rs 7.50 lakhs

Maximum 15 years

The moratorium period is 6 months from the time of getting employed or the duration of the course plus 1 year (whichever is earlier).


For loan amounts up to Rs 4 lakhs

No margin

For loan amounts above Rs 4 lakhs

5% for courses in India and 15% for courses abroad


1) The scheme only applies to Technical/Professional courses in India that are offered by colleges, universities or institutes recognized by the MoHRD, Government of India.

2) The subsidy is applicable only during the moratorium period of the loan and for courses starting after April 1, 2009.

3) Only students with overall family income of less than Rs 4.5 lakhs per annum are eligible for this scheme.

4) The students will be need to provide income proof issued by competent authorities recognized and authorized by State or Central Government.

5) Students who are expelled from the institution or discontinue the course due to reasons other than medical grounds are not eligible for this scheme.

6) Please contact the branch manager at your nearest Dena Bank branch for further details about the subsidy scheme.

  1. Hostel fees, school or college fees.
  2. Examination, laboratory, or library fees.
  3. Money spent on purchasing books, uniforms, computers, instruments and equipment.
  4. Travel expenses or passage fare.
  5. Expenses involving study tours, thesis writing, projects etc.
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